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Fide test

What is the Language passport?

The Language Passport proves your ability to communicate in one or more of the national languages: French, German and Italian.
It is also recognised by the authorities when enrolling for further training courses or when applying for a new job. You will receive your passport after having passed the language test FIDE. The language tests are only available where the language is spoken. For example, the French language test FIDE can only be taken in the Swiss Romandie. If you would like to take a test in German or Italian you will need to register at an evaluation centre situated in the linguistic region in question. The FIDE language test is divided into two sections. “Speaking (Oral) and Listening” and “Reading and Writing”. Oral and writing skills are assessed separately and there is an option to enrol for only one section The complete test meets the requirements for the Naturalisation process. Both sections need to be passed with a minimum score of A2 for the writing and B1 for the oral examination You will receive your language passport by mail with your results about five weeks after having done the language test at the Institut Polycours centre.

Exemple de passeport des langues

fidelogo test f i rgb 

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French FIDE test complete CHF 250.- (40 minutes + 60 minutes)
French FIDE test oral: CHF 170.-
French FIDE Test writing: CHF 120.-

Payable in advance

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During your evaluation session, do not forget to bring an identity document.

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Feuille d’information Passeport des langues

Règlement Passeport des langues

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